About this website

About this website

All the material on this website is created neutrally to suit children from all backgrounds and religions.

The benefits of meditation are multifold and can support anyone to tackle life‘s various challenges with optimism and inner strength.  It is clear too that meditation is just as helpful for children and young people as it is for adults, and can provide invaluable tools for life‘s journey.

The Lucky Star meditations are inspired by Raja Yoga.  This is a simple and effective method of meditation that leads the meditator towards an experience of their own innate positive qualities.  Practising Raja Yoga meditation we strengthen our inner subtle connection with ourselves, increasing our ability to thrive and experience a sense of fortune.

For more information about Raja Yoga meditation, do get in touch with the meditation centre closest to you by checking out the website www.brahmakumaris.org

All courses and events organised by the Brahma Kumaris are offered free of charge.